Vegetarian II

In the 4.5 years since I stopped eating meat, my reasons for being vegetarian have evolved from my initial focus on health and preventing chronic disease.  That is still important, but now I have other compelling reasons, environmental impact and social justice being at the top of the list.

Most people will not choose as I have and give up meat entirely, and that is fine.  Rather, think about ways to eat less meat: reduce portion sizes, incorporate meatless meals every week, and encourage others to do the same.

Recent reading, including the book I mention here, provides evidence that animals (and meat) can be raised and consumed in ways that sustain the environment.  If you do eat meat, try to find a local source.   Take the time to talk to the cow/chicken/pig farmer and find out about his/her practices.  Go visit the farm and see the animals.  What do they feed the animals?  How do they handle the manure?

For now, I am happy and healthy as a vegetarian.  My diet includes eggs and a moderate amount of dairy.  The eggs are from local free-range or pasture-raised hens.  The milk and some of the cheese comes from an in-state dairy.  Other cheese comes from smaller, local farmers.

Will I ever eat meat again?  Maybe.  But I will do so with some pretty high standards.

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