Rain, rain go away

Come again another day — preferrably some day after we have had a chance to dry out from the 3 inches of rain you dumped on us in less than 48 hours.  Some parts of the state received SEVEN inches of rain in that same time period. I reluctantly took the bus/light rail for the second day in a row.  Better than driving, but not near as good as biking.

Yesterday, I attended an offsite meeting, located a short distance (along a large busy street) from the light rail stop.  I planned to catch the bus, but when it did not materialize on my timeline, i.e., immediately, I opted to walk.  I walked that third of a mile in constant fear of The Splash of Death, that great deluge caused by some thoughtless driver who blasts through a huge puddle right next to the sidewalk occupied by a hapless pedestrian.

Now, if the puddle simply contained nice, clean rain water, it would be no big deal — just an easy way to get my weekly shower.  But folks, that puddle does not contain nice clean rain water.  It contains dirty, dirty water.  Water full of oil, grease, chemicals, road dirt, and fecal matter (because you just know someone somewhere failed to pick up after his/her dog).

I eluded The Splash of Death yesterday, but I have seen it happen, and I know it is only a matter of time until I, too, fall victim to the dirty deluge.

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