Average American

” . . . in 2001, the average American spent 64 min daily in a vehicle.” (1)

Noooooooooo.  Someone rescue me — I am apparently on my way to becoming an average American, a species which I hold in great disdain.

What’s next?  Consuming lots of processed food, thereby effectively eating a diet consisting of corn, soy, and wheat?  Or watching over 4 hours of television a day?

1. From Hu, P, Reuscher, T, 2004. Summary of travel trends: 2001 national household travel survey. U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC, as quoted in Frank, L.D., Greenwald, M.J., Winkelman, S., Chapman, J., Kavage, S., 2010. Carbonless footprints: Promoting health and climate stabilization through active transportation. Prev. Med. 50, S99–S105.

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