Days like this

I retrofitted one of our trunk bike racks, engaged in extensive planning, drove on a day I was scheduled to be a passenger in the carpool . . . all so that I could do some bike scouting for work yesterday.  All of this effort, and I arrived at the location, parked the car, and realized that my bike key?  That thing I needed to unlock my U-lock and free my bike from the bike rack?  I left it in my office, twenty miles away.

Oh, was I upset!  Thinking, “I won’t need my regular set of keys since I’ll be driving a department car, instead of my car,” I oh so cleverly left behind that one little thing that would have made all my planning and preparation fruitful.

To make matters worse, since I had planned to do my assessment by BIKE, I wore my bike shoes, which are not particularly conducive to walking.  Instead of spending my afternoon cruising around on my bike, getting a bike-level perspective of the surroundings, I spent the afternoon cruising around in a car — blah!

I recovered from this frustrating setback remarkably well, if I do say so myself, and managed to make it a productive afternoon.

My resilient attitude may have been due in part to anticipating our dinner date at Pi.  We visited their new location in the CWE for some delicious veggie pizza, a nice salad, and a great dining experience.  We don’t eat out often, but Pi — with their commitment to the environment, smoke-free policy, and great food — ranks up there with our favorites.  Day saved!

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