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Under pressure

In an effort to use up a little vacation time, and give myself a couple of “me” days, I took the past two Mondays off.  Relaxation efforts on the first Monday?  A big fat FAIL. I told myself I would … Continue reading

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Cancan can!

The fruits (and vegetables) of last year’s gardening and canning labors: From left to right on each shelf, starting with top shelf: Green beans, catsup Relish, pear preserves, more green beans Tomatoes w/fennel, onion, and garlic, straight up tomatoes Pickled … Continue reading

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Eating garden fresh in February

I’m always delighted when I look at my plate and realize that a large portion of the food on it came from our garden (or local sources).  A couple nights ago, we tossed together a relatively quick meal, almost all … Continue reading

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Salsa, salsa, salsa

I typed the title with a little song running through my head. On Tuesday night, I chopped up a bunch of tomatoes.  Matthew handled the onion, garlic, and hot peppers (much to his chagrin on that last ingredient — multiple … Continue reading

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