Fortunately, I rarely succumb to illness, but I’ll make the best of my current head cold by posting about the color and quantity of my snot handkerchiefs (if you were curious about the other, you’ll just have to stay that way).  I married into a wonderful handkerchief collection, most of them homemade.

Before I discovered handkerchiefs, I used toilet paper, not because it was greener, but because it was cheaper than tissue/Kleenex.  Handkerchiefs achieve the dual goals of being green environmentally and economically — save the paper from the trees and the paper in your wallet!

As a side note, for the majority of the time, I use handkerchiefs for the little sniffles here and there, usually allergy related.  I launder them in cold water, as I do most everything.  Cold water works for most laundry, and you don’t even need to buy that special laundry soap they sell!

To make sure that my current germ-infested handkerchiefs get nice and clean, without using extra resources, I’m trying a little trick that I read about for cleaning cloth diapers.  Soak the diapers, or handkerchiefs, in this case, in the bathtub after you finish bathing.  You reuse the warm, slightly soapy bathwater to jump-start the cleaning process.  I’m not sure how I would feel about doing this with actual diapers, with poop residue and such on them, but it’s a great idea for the handkerchiefs.

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