Chillin’ out

Are you paying to heat an empty building during the day?

When we leave for work in the morning on cold winter days, we push our thermostat down to 55° F, if not a little lower (depending on where you live and how cold it gets, turning the heat off entirely could lead to frozen pipes).  Since I don’t work on Fridays anymore, I experimented and discovered that 55° F works when I’m home during the day, too!  It’s best when I’m moving around cleaning and such, but I’m okay for medium-length periods sitting at the computer, too.

Think 55° F is extreme?  Check out this NYTimes article about people choosing to live with NO heat.  They inspire me to stick with the low temps around here.

However,  I take issue with the woman who lets her faucets continually drip to keep the pipes from freezing — saving energy by not heating, but wasting water.  Is the energy saved greater than the water wasted?  Is it more important to conserve one than the other?  How do you make that comparison?

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