Weekend warrior

Friday: 10-mile round trip (RT) to the doctor, followed by 9-mile RT for a lunch date.  I underestimated that second trip — I estimated it at 6-7 miles until I mapped it to write this post.

Saturday: 4-mile RT to the last of the “winter” indoor farmers’ markets.  I bought some gorgeous early spring greens: spinach, arugula, red-leaf lettuce, plus green onions.  A flat tire stopped Matthew short of the market.  He replaced the tube and pumped it up, only to find that the tire itself was shot.

Fortunately, he was only two blocks from our local bike shop.  I caught up to him locking his bike up there on my way back.  We hung out in the park for fifteen minutes, waiting for the shop to open.  While I’m glad to have a bike shop within a mile or so of our apartment, I’ve often found the owner a bit gruff, which he proved again on Saturday (given my hubby’s tale of the encounter).  Compared to our experience later the same day with another bike shop, “Neighborhood Bike Shop,” as I’ll call it, has a thing or two to learn about customer service.

Anyway, new tire in place and ready to roll, we headed set out on our 22-mile RT ride to our commuter garden.  I rode the garden-to-home half of this trip back in August, when we sold my car, but this was the first time we rode it full circle.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch and a bit of (thankfully) light gardening in the middle.  We made it back home to rest up for Sunday . . . .

Sunday: 3 miles to church, 6.5 miles to brunch, 5.5 miles home, and done.  Moratorium on biking for the weekend!

Surprisingly, my legs feel pretty good for cramming 60 miles into the weekend.  Our car enjoyed it’s weekend rest period, sitting parked on the street from Thursday night until Monday morning 🙂

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