No Impact Man in the Lou

Colin Beaven, AKA No Impact Man, will be in St. Louis next Monday, June 7th to speak and sign copies of his book at the Schlafly branch of the Saint Louis Public Library (225 North Euclid Avenue, in the CWE) from 7:00pm – 8:30pm (event info here).

Though I admit I have yet to read his book, I’ve followed his adventures on his blog for awhile now, and I’m excited to hear him speak.  I just now requested the book from the library — with a bit of luck I’ll have it in my hands by Friday.


  1. Ha! When I saw the title of this post I thought it was a reference to “the year without toilet paper”… or maybe that’s spelled “Loo”?

    Anyhow, I highly recommend the book, and hope he’ll be coming to Denver soon!

    1. hergreenlife says:

      Completely unintentional — thanks for pointing that out 🙂

      As a note, the library events mailer listed a dollar sign next to this event, although there is no mention of a charge on the library website. Maybe the event is free and the “$” just means that books will be for sale???

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