Baby prep — Freezer meals

Making freezer meals to have on hand for the postpartum period was one of our homework assignments for Naturally Prepared (our childbirth class).

Ironically, we didn’t get around to any freezer meals until the last night of class, when Matthew started a huge pot of ribollita (i.e., Tuscan bread soup, recipe here) that finished cooking just in time for us to leave for class without getting to eat any.  We ate some for lunch the next day, and froze at least two meals-worth.

Apparently, that jump started things, because two nights later, we made a batch of Snobby Joes for dinner, and froze the leftovers.

Still to Come
Our instructor (who just so happens to be Greek) shared her falafel recipe, which apparently freezes well, so that is on our “to make and freeze” list.  Most veggie burgers also freeze well, and I’ve been scoping out a few new recipes from 101 Cookbooks:

We’ve talked about making spanakopita, which freezes well, but it’s a bit labor and time intensive — we’ll have to see whether or not that happens.  If we make it, I want to try a version with Swiss chard instead of spinach, as we have tons of chard coming in from the garden at the moment.

I’d love more freezer-friendly vegetarian ideas — please share!


  1. EcoCatLady says:

    Well – CatMan has a thing for lasagna, but doesn’t like to wait for lasagna to cook! So recently I bought a bunch of small casserole dishes and made up a bunch of little mini-lasagnas to freeze. They take about 15 minutes in the microwave or if you were organized enough to defrost them ahead of time you could re-heat them in the oven (but that’s hot this time of year). My lasagna secret… cream cheese instead of ricotta. Oh… but there’s the no milk thing… hmm….

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      But lasagna is a good freezer idea in general. If we left out the cheese, it might just be more of a pasta bake or something. Anyway, we’re getting close to the “start adding selected dairy items back into the diet to test for reaction” phase of things, so it’s possible that dairy will be on the menu again.

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