Bike void

I’m pretty sure it’s been over a month since I last rode my bike.  I believe the actual date was October 15th, when I made a late evening gelato run to use a Groupon before it expired.  (I returned home with a quart of half pistachio, half cherry, in case you were wondering.)  So yeah, hard as I try, I can’t come up with a time since then, which makes it a month-and-a-half 😦

When I was a full-time bicycle commuter, I’d barely hesitate before heading out on cold, dark rides.  I’m afraid that I’ve gotten a bit soft after wo years of car commuting, plus the last few post-baby months of barely biking for non-work trips.  Though I long for the day I return to full-time bicycle commuting, the all-weather aspect will require some readjustment.

Knowing I’m not the only new bicycling mama in bicycle withdrawal does help a bit.  If we actually had the baby supporter, we might have given the trailer a real test drive (i.e., one with The Dude) last Friday, but alas, it only exists on our Christmas wish list right now.

I really doubt we’ll take him out in the trailer in the dead of winter, for fear of creating a Dude-sicle, and as goes baby, so goes mama.  That means we’re looking at the spring before any chance even semi-regular biking around here.  It just occurred to me that maybe I should get one of those trainer thingies for my bike, or I might not be fit to ride my bicycle around the block, much less take longer trips pulling a trailer, come spring!

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