Sungolds for my golden boy

A little less than a year ago, Gabriel arrived with a good bit of fairly dark brown hair.  I assumed he would have Matthew’s nice, deep brown hair color, but over the past year, G’s hair lightened quite a bit.  I now describe it as “golden,” especially when the sun hits it, and in this picture, it looks red.

Moving day photo in front of our first home

Anyhow, Sir has been vacationing in Iowa with Baba (Czech for “Grandma” — Matthew’s mom’s side of the family is Czech) for the past few days.  We’ll be apart for over 72 hours (previous longest separation was 27 hours), which made me a bit apprehensive.

Fortunately, Baba reports that things are going very well.  Sir’s only complaint is that she didn’t bring enough sungolds.

I headed to the garden this morning for a picking session, since Sir said he would refuse to see us if we did not come bearing gifts.

Sungold cherry tomatoes

Happy 4th of July!

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