Bike bans, cuteness, and fun in the kitchen

A couple more photos from our trip at the beginning of the month before returning to the home scene.

Very bummed to see this sign on a road in Ames, Iowa:

The riding of bicycles, tricycles or unicycles on the roadway of Grand Avenue in the City of Ames, Iowa, is prohibited. Any person who shall ride a bicycle on the traveled portion of the roadway of Grand Avenue between Lincoln Way and 30th Street in the City of Ames shall be in violation of this section.


On to happier things, my beautiful boy after spending some time in the wading pool with his cousin.

Despite more rounds of sickness, the refrigerator drama, and job hunting (and with it, the search for new child care arrangements), we’ve found time to continue settling in to the new apartment.

Finally hanging the pot rack was a big deal for us.  We need every bit of counter top and cabinet space in the kitchen, and this is a great solution.

We’ve debated adding a second one, and I’ve looked at several DIY pot rack options, maybe someday.  I’d love to hang our cast iron pans, but I would worry that the rack would come crashing down under all the weight.

Tomato season is in full swing, along with eggplant, summer squash, and cucumbers.

We’re enjoying finding new ways to create delicious one-dish meals featuring toms, eggplant, and squash (some recipes coming soon), including this ratatouille-style dish that also featured our freshly dug fingerling potatoes.

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  1. Stacey says:

    In our pantry, we have a chain with hooks hanging from it that hangs our pots and pans. It works really well and holds a lot of weight. It’s a normal steel chain.

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