Of mice and sweet potato wraps

Before we get to the food part, a little update: we did not just have a single mouse, we had mice, and the first mouse we caught was, in fact, not That, as evidenced by its lack of a kinky tail.

Within twenty-four hours, we caught a total of three mice, using my baiting method with the basic wooden spring traps.  When I told my mom, she asked if we were emptying and reusing the traps, and I was a bit taken aback, because the idea of not reusing them hadn’t occurred to me, but I guess some people treat them as a single-use item.

Oh, and she actually asked if Matthew was emptying the traps, and I might have been offended, but Matthew had, in fact, graciously taken on that grisly duty with no discussion, and I certainly wasn’t fighting him for it, making it hard to object to my mom’s assumption.

Anyway, we’ve had two baited traps out with no catches for six days now, and I have not seen or heard any signs of mice in that time, so it still seems we may have caught them early.

On to a delicious weekend lunch that came together quickly, thanks to leftover roasted  garlicky sweet potatoes and frozen [homemade] tortillas* — sweet potato wraps.


The leftover sweet potatoes already had miso sauce on them, so I continued that theme to make a sauce for the wraps, whisking almond butter, miso, and water to create a nice, thick sauce.

Almond butter-miso sauce
Roasted sweet potatoes
Diced tomatoes or mild salsa

Spread sauce on a tortilla, then top with lettuce, warm sweet potatoes, tomatoes/salsa, and fresh cilantro.  Enjoy!


Sometimes the meals where you just “coast,” enjoying the fruits of earlier kitchen labors, are the best.  I just wished we’d had enough roasted sweet potatoes for seconds!

*I’m still working on perfecting my 100% whole wheat tortilla recipe.  I used whole wheat pastry flour, which gave a nice, light result, but I think they suffered from the lower gluten content of said flour.  I plan to stick with the pastry flour and add some gluten for the next round.


  1. sorry about the mice! but these sweet potato wraps sound great! and i love the almond butter/miso sauce idea!

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