Ghost of Christmas past

So Christmas is old news, seeing as how we’ve already rung in the New Year, but better late than never.  Unless you’re having any VERY belated holiday celebrations, you probably don’t need my fun green gift wrapping break through, so I’ll tuck that idea away for next year.

As expected, Sir did not lack for Christmas gifts.  The highlights included a pony from his great grandparents . .  .


Of course, everyone knows that it’s best to ride bareback . . .


. . . while holding a hairbrush.

Speaking of riding, one week before Christmas, I found a Balance Bike on Craigslist.  We’d debated Balance Bike versus regular bike with pedals and cranks removed, but the good deal, combined with the timing and the fact that we hadn’t done much in terms of Christmas shopping, sealed the deal.


He’s not quite ready for it, but he’s very interested, and all signs indicate that he’ll be ready to cruise come spring.

I’m happy to report that all of his Christmas gifts (from Matthew and me) are of the new-to-us variety, though I did find out the hard way (almost empty toy shelves at the SVdP thrift store) that I am not the only parent to buy secondhand for Christmas — must plan ahead for that in future years.

I particularly delighted in the gift my sister gave us — beautiful homemade stockings.  I knew I wanted something special, and liked the idea of making them myself, but I lacked the equipment/skill/time to do so.


Aunt Mollie to the rescue!  It’s so fun to know that we’ll be hanging these stockings for many years to come.

Here’s hoping that 2013 is off to a good start for all of you!


  1. My K-Bear got a balance bike as well this year. It’s still a bit snowy out to ride, but looking forward to the first warm enough day for her to take it for a spin!

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      Like Tracy. we’re okay with it being used indoors. Right now, he mostly wants to hold on to the back wheel and push it, which doesn’t work so well. A friend said it clicked for her toddler when he saw Youtube videos of other kids riding one, so maybe we’ll try that.

      1. Love the YouTube idea. K-Bear’s gets it, but her legs are just a wee bit short still. By spring, I think she’ll be rockin’! Good luck!

  2. Tracy says:

    Without pedals we have allowed our Strider as an indoor activity since it won’t damage walls. We love the decreased falls since we switched from tricycle to the Strider. Congrats on the deal especially my favorite Strider color

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