Biking in an autumn-y Christmas wonderland

Today brings a return to seasonal weather, but I made the most of the unseasonably warm weekend with three nights of Christmas light biking.

We kicked off the weekend with a family trip down Candy Cane Lane.  We arrived just as it was getting dark on Friday night, and we had the street almost to ourselves.  It was a challenge to bike slowly enough to take it all in, especially with a wiggly passenger on board.

Said passenger informed me that Nativity scenes are more correctly referred to as “Away in a Manger.”  Of course, the appropriate response to biking by an Away in a Manger is to begin singing the eponymous song.  (“Jingle Bells” is also a popular song to sing while biking, along with “Walking Biking in a Winter Wonderland.”)

On Saturday night I ventured out with bikey friends Mónica and Mike.  We scoped out even more lights, starting with Snowflake Street, before moving on to Candy Cane Lane.  On this trip, the place was packed, with a block-long line of cars in each direction, waiting to access Candy Cane lane.  We didn’t butt in line, but we did take advantage of the flexibility of bicycles by hopping off and becoming pedestrians.

After walking down Candy Cane Lane, we hopped back on the bikes and continued down Murdoch Avenue, which led to the discovery of “Angel Avenue” (Prague Ave. between Nottingham and Murdoch).  I loved the house on the SW corner of Prague and Murdoch — the entire front face is covered with teeny, tiny lights.  And then there was the house with the crazy lights synched to Christmas music.

We ended our bicycle tour with cookies and hot chocolate.

Gabriel and I went out again on Sunday afternoon.  It wasn’t dark yet, so there wasn’t much of a light show, but we found some fun decorations.

Christmas dino on Snowflake Street

I was really tempted to detour by Ted Drewes for some frozen custard, but it was close to dinner time; practicality and my desire for G to eat a good dinner won.

We walked down Candy Cane Lane, checking out the sand sculpture in daylight.

Sandy Santa

On the way home, we swung by Angel Avenue, but it still wasn’t dark enough to see any lights.  While Candy Cane Lane is the big draw, I preferred some of the other streets:

Angel Avenue > Snowflake Street > Candy Cane Lane

Now I just need to get Matthew and Gabriel to Angel Avenue when it’s dark!

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