Foodie Friday: Eating out

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked food around here.

We don’t eat out all that much.  In fact, only one item on this list actually involves eating a meal at a restaurant.  We do love our bakery runs, though!  Here are three highlights from the past few weeks.

The salted caramel croissant at Pint Size Bakery.  This delicacy is only available on Saturday mornings, and it doesn’t come out of the oven until 9:30am.  During most of the year, Matthew is well into gardening by that time.  We took advantage of the gardening down-season, and a couple of unseasonably warm Saturdays, to bike over and get our first taste of this treat.  Worth the wait!  We also got to enjoy a couple of their other Saturday-only items: the [savory] hand pie and the brioche cinnamon roll.  It’s probably a good thing that the garden limits our visits.

Dinner at Lulu’s Local Eatery.  The owners of the food truck opened this brick and mortar location last year.  Until last week, our only Lulu’s experience was the food truck, specifically, the food truck on Food Truck Friday.  After the ridiculously long lines and swarming crowds of that event, it was so nice to walk right up to the counter, order from a full menu, and have our food brought out to the table.  We enjoyed the buffalo cauliflower, tater tots, and sweet potato falafel.  After a couple of recent experiences with hovering waiters, I also appreciated the waiter-less, fast-casual dining — no interrupting my meal every three minutes to tell someone that yes, the food was fine, and no, I didn’t need anything.

The Shenandoah Pizza at Pi.  Matthew brought the leftovers of a lunch with his dad home a few weeks ago, and this pizza, a special from the CWE location, totally rocked!  (We reheat pizza in a cast iron pan in our toaster oven, for an almost-as-good-as-fresh taste.)  From their website, the Shenandoah is, “The first in our series of frittata pizzas:
caramelized sweet potatoes, goat cheese, red chiles, baby spinach, agave and eggs.”  The combination is spot on, though beware the red chiles mean that there are some zippy bites.  I don’t think they have this on the menu every day, so I’d call ahead.




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