Moving day

As we sat on the couch Saturday night, Matthew mentioned the possibility of rearranging our apartment to make the space a bit more livable for the next few months, until we upgrade to a 2-bedroom.  The basic plan involved swapping the sofa and our bed, so we could go to bed at night and have our own schedule, without fear of waking The Dude.

After sleeping on the idea, we woke on Sunday morning, talked it over a bit more, and jumped in to the project.  Matthew disassembled the bed, and stood the mattress and platform on their side to make room for the sofa.  I moved a few other things, and cleaned some long-unseen areas.

After settling Gabriel in the one clear, out of the way bit of floor, we picked up the sofa and carried it through the kitchen and into the bedroom discovered it wouldn’t fit through the bedroom doorway.Continue reading “Moving day”

Two’s company

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had second thoughts about that whole,”Oh, we can just fit a third person into our one-bedroom apartment,” thing.  My rationale going in was, sure, we’re adding an additional person, but a very small person, and we’re committed to minimizing stuff for that person, so it will be no big deal, right?  Not exactly.

It’s not as much an issue of space for stuff as it is of living vs. sleeping space.Continue reading “Two’s company”