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Forecast: Scorching with a side of biking

Meet the forecast for the coming weekend.  The weekend when I’ll be outside on a bicycle all day Saturday and Sunday for the Cycling Savvy Instructor training.  Gulp! As if being 34 weeks pregnant weren’t enough, let’s throw some scorching … Continue reading

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Finally Bike Somewhere Day

Well, this week (May 16-20) was Bike-to-Work Week and today was Bike-to-Work Day.  Since I am usually off on Fridays, I celebrated this day last year by biking to work with Matthew, with a stop at one of Trailnet’s refueling … Continue reading

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First Mother’s Day-ish

We biked over to the Botanical Garden for a short walk before I headed on to church this morning.  The iris greeted us — quite a show!

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Back in the saddle

The bike saddle, that is 🙂  My chondromalacia (AKA runner’s knee) mostly resolved itself, no medical attention necessary. How did I know I had chondromalacia without visiting the doctor?  Well, I’m a bit of an expert in self-diagnosis.  Since I’ve … Continue reading

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In the blink of an eye . . .

. . . we went from a biking whirlwind . . . . . . to a winter wonderland.

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