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Expanding our produce storage?

Half past nine found us in our dark, rainy alley with four strangers. It had all the makings of a Craigslist urban legend that ends badly. Continue reading

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Using up and starting anew

‘Tis the season for finishing what remains of last year’s harvest, getting some early tastes of this season’s bounty, and prepping the garden for much goodness to come. The Old In the “root cellar“: Potatoes — For awhile there, I … Continue reading

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Big things from the garden

Exhibit #1: A ridiculously large sweet potato Shown with a grapefruit and my hand for some sense of scale, what this guy lacks in beauty, he makes up for in size, weighing in at just over 12 pounds.  He suffered … Continue reading

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Food philosophy: Eat your beans

Wow, I feel like I wrote my first “Food Philosophy” post (on fad diets) yesterday, not two months ago — time really does fly!  In that post, I mentioned beans as an innocent victim of low-carb diets. Beans (as in … Continue reading

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Hunting for pawpaws

Several months ago, a friend shared a link to a website that maps fruit (and nut) trees in urban public spaces, i.e., an urban foraging map.  The concept kind-of boggled my mind. If you knew the location of a great … Continue reading

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Child labor

One of Matthew’s new crops this year was a bean that you grow for the dried bean.  Theoretically, you can grow almost any kind of green bean until the seeds/beans fully ripen and the pods dry, but certain varieties are … Continue reading

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Eat your greens!

When we learned that Matthew was going to be on anticoagulant medication (Coumadin/warfarin) for awhile, one of our big questions was about eating foods that are high in vitamin K. Vitamin K plays a major role in blood clotting, as … Continue reading

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