Potatoes for St. Patrick

Gardening lore says that you should plant potatoes on St. Patrick’s day.  Matthew planted exactly one week early this year.

Matt's dad helped plant

This year, we saved our own seed potatoes.  This basically means we selected some of each variety from last year’s crop, set them aside (so they didn’t get eaten), and then, a few weeks before planting, let the eyes grow.

Seed potatoes ready for planting (a blue/purple variety)

They planted 25 pounds of potatoes in one morning.

The Dude and I supervised operations

Happy St. Patrick’s day [tomorrow]!

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Steamed potatoes

Round two of the Great Potato dig commenced on what may have been the hottest day of the year.  Our camera rested in air-conditioned comfort before I cruelly pressed it into service in the heat of the day.  It protested with a foggy lens.


Our little helpers were out playing and asked if we could put them to work.  Um, did you really just ask that?  Quick!  Put them to work before they change their minds!  They didn’t stay long, but we had fun.  Far too many kids (and adults) have no idea where food comes from — we’re happy to help remedy that 🙂