T minus two months

The countdown started on Sunday — we now have less than two months until our lease is up.  The good news is that in less than two months, we’ll be living somewhere new, somewhere with a bit more breathing room than we have in our current set-up.  The bad news?

We have less than two months to find somewhere to live.  Which doesn’t sound like a big deal, except that we’ve been looking for eighteen months without finding the right place.  To make for a more relaxed move, I would ideally like to sign a new lease that overlaps with our current lease by at least two weeks, which means we really only have SIX weeks or so to find something.

Two weeks ago we looked at a great 2-bedroom flat: second floor, garage (for our bikes + baby trailer), smoke-free building, good layout, walkable/bikeable location, three blocks from an awesome park, wood floors, nice sun porch, amazingkitchen, and . . . lead paint on the windows (which landlord was unwilling to address).

Unfortunately, lead paint on windows + baby = No Deal.

Yep, I’m still mourning that one (oh, that kitchen) and dispairing that we’ll ever find anything.

It’s not like we’ll be homeless in two months or anything, I’m just worried that we’ll have to compromise on a lot of what we want in an apartment.

We’ve actually started glancing at For Sales, but I think that is a bit belated, and it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll find something that meets our requirements for both a big lot AND a central, walkable/bikeable location.

And so the search continues  . . . .

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