In with the new

By the time we dropped off the old couch at it’s new home, the precipitation was turning icy.  We drove across town to pick up the new couch and slid down part of the road near our destination, somehow managing to keep the pickup on the road and avoid running into any parked cars.

We carefully covered the new couch under our giant tarp and loaded it in the truck bed.  We faced driving back up the hill we slid down.

Now, I must admit that both Matthew and I get a certain pleasure out of seeing peoples’ large four wheel drive vehicles that they thought were invincible in positions that prove them wrong.  Four wheel drive does not make everything better, and it does not mean that you can go out in any kind of road and weather condition and drive like you do on any given day.

That said, as we sat in the pickup, contemplating the icy ascent, we noticed a little switch on the dash — the control for the optional four wheel drive.  I’m not sure what would have happened if we hadn’t switched to 4WD, but with it, things were good.  We really only needed it to climb the hill.  After that, we switched back to 2WD and took a nice easy pace back home.

After a bit more fun negotiating a tight staircase with a large piece of furniture (this couch was actually much easier to move than the old one), we were in business!

Ironically, our “new” couch is older than the “old” couch.  However, it’s in great condition.  The new couch is long enough for Matthew to lie on it stretched out, and it’s more comfortable for sitting.  We need to center the picture above the couch (we may actually be printing a new picture for that spot), and it looks like it could use some pillows.

Couch upholstery close-up

Now that all the craziness of moving couches is over, I’m quite happy with the decision, especially when I’m cuddled up in a nest of blankets with a good book 🙂

Out with the old

We’ve talked about getting a new [to us] couch for awhile now, but we weren’t actively looking.  So imagine my surprise on a lazy Saturday morning two weeks ago when Matthew announced he’d found an estate sale couch while browsing Craigslist.

Rather annoyed at the interruption in my morning, I agreed to go check it out with him.  One thing led to another, and we left the estate sale down an eighty dollar cash deposit, with the promise of a new couch as soon as we could get a truck to transport it.  I realized on the way home that we really could not get the new couch until we found a home for our old couch — this proved more difficult than I would have expected.

Craigslist, ReUseIt St. Louis (formerly FreeCycle), Salvation Army . . . nothing was working.  No one wanted to buy it at $85, and no one wanted it for free.  In the meantime, we moved the old couch out of our apartment (no small feat with two people, a second-story apartment, and a relatively tight staircase) and into the backyard, anticipating a quick turnaround with the free listing.

When that did not come to pass, and with rain looming in the forecast, we moved the old couch back inside.  Unfortunately, it would not fit in the basement door, so we faced the unpleasant prospect of moving it all the way back up to our living room.  In the end, we brought it partway up the front staircase, where it stayed for almost a week, sitting on end, with just barely enough space for us to squeeze by and get out the front door.  Fun times!

As much as I hated the idea, I was beginning to see how perfectly decent, usable furniture could  just end up in the dump.

In the end, we lowered the price on Craigslist to $35, and made a sale, provided we could deliver, which we agreed to, since we would have a truck anyway to get the new couch.  All the stars for borrowing a pickup truck and arranging for drop-off of the old and pick-up of the new finally aligned last Wednesday night, the night we got freezing rain . . . .