There are three main options for eating local: grow it yourself, buy from local farmers, or go all hunter-gatherer.  I don’t know much about cultivating mushrooms, and some varieties can be pricey to buy, so we’re learning about the third option.  Foraging.

The interest began with a successful morel foray while camping in southeast Iowa in 2008.  This year, we joined our local mycological society to learn more about edible mushrooms in our area: where to look, when to look, and how not to die.

At this time of year, morels are long gone.  The heat and humidity of summer mean chanterelles around these parts, and rumor has it they’re just getting started.  Did I mention the heat and humidity?

On three separate occasions, we’ve foraged enough for a nice meal.  We saute them in butter and/or olive oil with garlic chives.  We’ve eaten them on toast, over couscous, and in scrambled eggs.  Of the three, my vote goes to the couscous con chanterelles.

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