Electronic “stuff”

A few thoughts on this article about recycling electronics:

1. Recycling or no, the amount of waste we produce is appalling.  Reduce, with some reuse, should be our focus.

2. As the article mentions, not everything can be recycled: ” . . . and the plastics, which have no reuse market, are often shipped overseas to developing countries for disposal.”  Lovely, let’s just send all of our crap to developing countries.  Can you say injustice?

3. The fact that we produce this much electronic waste is no accident: ” . . . manufacturers build obsolescence into many of their designs, causing outdated electronics to become the bane of the waste system.”  And the bane of the environment.

4. If you haven’t already seen “The Story of Stuff,” it is very relevant and well worth your time.


  1. Kim says:

    The “story of stuff” is a neat site – very informative!

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