Our local green general store carries a couple of “good for the environment” products that confuse me.  I’m sure they’re made with materials and/or processes that are better, but really, could they not make a few simple changes?

1. Dental floss that comes in the standard plastic dispenser that could hold 200-250 yards of dental floss, but instead only comes with 50 yards of floss.  How is that green?  In general, I am perplexed by the fact that dental floss refills for the plastic dispensers are not readily available.  The one refill I found online actually costs more than buying the entire new thing of dental floss in the store, dispenser and all.  Something’s fishy there.  Perhaps I have discovered a product gap.  Sadly, I doubt I could make a living selling dental floss refills.

2. Razor blade cartridges that come in the plastic holder with spots for six cartridges, but contain only four cartridges.  The other two spots are just a waste of plastic.  Either sell me six cartridges or make a plastic holder with the correct number of spots.

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