Fight it

Trying to be optimistic despite the discouraging news from the latest Pew Poll on climate change.  I wish people would get their heads out of the sand (or other places) on this issue.

But here’s the thing, the actions that we (as individuals, as a nation, as a global community) can take to prevent climate change are good actions to take regardless of WHY we take them.

Colin Beavan, AKA No Impact Man, wrote eloquently about this in his post, “What I’d say if I was wrong about climate change.”

You can click on the link to see the original post, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • I am glad the millions of children who suffer from asthma can now breathe easier thanks to the fact that we aren’t pumping the air full of toxins from our exhaust pipes and smokestacks.
  • I am glad we’ve stopped building suburbs, which make people unhappy and [thanks to the happy suburbanites who wrote in] are designed for cars not people, and instead build villages where people can have strong community bonds that help make life fulfilling.
  • I am glad we developed local, fresh food systems that care not just about filling bellies but what we put in those bellies.
  • The list goes on and on, but in short, I am glad that we have embraced the opportunities presented by the crisis of climate change in order to improve our society in ways we should have done anyway.

Happy International Day of Climate Action!  What action are you taking?

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