Rant ahead

Just found out that the case against the uninsured AND unlicensed driver who hit my husband was, “dismissed on payment of court costs.”  Ah, our justice system at work, complete with sleazy traffic lawyers.

I wonder how much the court fees cost.  I’m paying over $800 a year to drive my car around legally, but I might be on to something here — drop the insurance altogether and pay the court cost if I happen to be caught driving without insurance.  And a driver’s license?  Apparently I don’t need that, either!  If you can’t beat ’em . . . .

Meanwhile, our SUV driving friend, who SHOWED NO REMORSE when he hit a bicyclist, is probably out there driving around, right now.  Watch out, St. Louis!

Think you’re safe where you are?  I recently read that, nationwide, at least 1 in 7 (and possibly as high as 1 in 4) drivers are uninsured.  Now, my thoughts on car insurance (cough-SCAM-cough) would be the subject of a whole other post, but the fact that some of us are buying into it, while a large chunk of people are not?  That’s just wrong.  And I wager that most of the uninsured drivers are some of the least responsible and most dangerous vehicle operators out there.

Now I must go take deep breaths and think happy thoughts to reign in my blood pressure.  Good thing it’s ridiculously low to start, or I might really be in trouble!

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