Green goings-on

Despite having a crazy busy couple of days ahead, we attended Green Drinks trivia night last night — and reaped the benefits.  The weather rewarded our commitment to biking by staying warm, dry, and not too windy.  Three lovely, intelligent people joined our table to form the five-member “Compost Crusaders” team.  We enjoyed getting to know our teammates while kicking some green trivia butt!

Yes, for the first time in my limited trivia-going experience, I was on the winning team!  We scored goodies from Kakao (blog here), Local Harvest, and Black Bear Bakery.

And a t-shirt!

One question had to do with Sheryl Crow — apparently she thinks limiting toilet paper use is a good idea too!  She takes the two square idea one step further.

The green event train continues tonight, with the Fresh Fest.  We’re looking forward to watching the food documentary Fresh, and enjoying some local fare (hoping for a decent selection of veg offerings).

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Melissa, I had signed up for both those events and am really sad I missed them–I felt the pull of client deadlines and stayed home to meet them instead. As I’m feeling now so I can’t read as much of your blog as I would like. But I will make a point to check in on your blog as it completely resonates for me. Was also glad to see links to more like Tiny Choices. I hope to meet you at a Living Green Meetup event soon.

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