Beware the mandolin

I was dubious about owning a mandolin slicer, but somehow it become one (of the very few) items that we tossed onto our wedding registry.  In fact, we received not one, but two mandolins, and the one we kept proceeded to sit in its box in our pantry for many months.  One day, we decided that we should try the mandolin and decide whether we wanted to keep it or not.

In theory, it sounds great: quickly and easily get nice thin slices of vegetables, or set it to julienne and get cute little matchsticks in no time at all!  In theory.  I imagine there are some heavy duty professional vegetable slicers that operate in just that way (in fact, I recall a rather nice one from my time working at Subway).

But ours?  Oh, it is special.  It came with a “vegetable holder” that is supposed to hold the food and keep your fingers away from the sharp parts.  I’m sure the maker included this solely for liability reasons, because trying to use it makes the whole contraption worthless.  If you want to actually slice vegetables on it, you just have to hold them with your fingers.  (Can you see where this is going?)

Last week, I decided that julienned carrots would make a lovely addition to the cabbage salad I prepared for a pot luck.  One moment I was creating beautiful little matchstick carrots, the next . . . .

Would you care for some julienned finger with your salad?  It took off a nice chunk of skin.  That mandolin slicer might be on its way out the door — not sure it’s worth the human sacrifice!  (However, like a true genius, I went back and finished the carrot I had been working on when the accident occurred.)

All patched up and ready to snack!

This beautiful little apricot from my MILs tree made everything better 🙂



  1. Yikes! The only mandolins I have any experience with are the kind with 8 strings that won’t stay in tune. They can be a little bit painful but usually don’t draw blood! I suppose you could think of it as extra protein!

    1. hergreenlife says:

      That type of mandolin sounds much friendlier 😉 Based on my experience, I put the mandolin slicer in the “extraneous stuff” that we don’t really need category. A good knife and cutting board suit me just fine.

  2. Rachel Jones says:

    For some reason your injury reminded me of middle school home ec when you put your finger in the almost boiling maple syrup. You had an ‘ET phone home’ finger for a while! Ha, memories 🙂

    1. hergreenlife says:

      Yeah, I actually wrote a post awhile back where I mentioned that. I seem prone to incidents in the kitchen — fortunately nothing too serious yet.

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