Car, ugh

The power windows on my bicycle never give me any trouble 😉  The ones on the car are another story.  On Wednesday afternoon, the left front window displayed a new trick it learned — the trick where it does not go up.  Well, eventually it went up; with a lot of coaxing and long rest breaks, it went up a little bit at a time, until, finally, closed!  I immediately pushed the window lock button to prevent an accidental lowering.

Based on my highly technical over-the-phone description, my front and rear (yes, that one is misbehaving, too) left-side window motors need to be replaced, to the tune of perhaps $400.  So that’s how I get to spend what would be a car-free Friday.  Sigh.  This contributes yet more fodder to the “I want to be in a job where I can bike commute again” fire.


  1. My driver-side window quit last fall.
    I’m debating whether to fix this car
    or buy a new moped… ;}

    1. hergreenlife says:

      Tough call — just depends on your needs. If you’re in a position where you can get most everywhere you need to go on the moped, with public transit as a back-up, car-free would be very tempting. You could always rent a car for occasional use. Good luck with the decision.

  2. My mother always used to say that you should never buy anything with extra automated features because it’s just one more thing to break… perhaps she was on to something.

    And in terms of “who am I to …” You have every right to complain! We all have a right to complain about the fact that we live in a world built for cars instead of people.

    1. hergreenlife says:

      I think your mother was on to something! Although, when you’re the only person in the car, and like to use windows instead of AC, the power ones are kind of convenient. Sigh.

      I agree — living in an environment built for cars instead of people constitutes a legitimate complaint. It’s also something worth trying to fix!

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