A week of Indian food

Since the food swap netted not one, but two, delicious meals, I decided it deserved two posts — plus, I managed to photograph some of the food before devouring it this time!

As I mentioned last week, Nupur’s cooking inspired me to pull out the southern India cookbook we have and make a few dishes myself.

Egg biryani, pan fried idlis, and a delicious eggplant dish, courtesy of Nupur at One Hot Stove

Between Nupur’s two meals and my big batch of tomato (and tofu and veggie) rasam, we ate Indian food for at least one meal a day for a week — no complaints here!

My take on tomato rasam

In her post, “A week of vegetables, and eggplant dal,” you can read about the swap from Nupur’s point of view, including a couple of very lovely pictures of the vegetables.  In her second round of cooking, she used the veggies from our garden to create the dishes she shared with us, which made for extra fun eating.


  1. Nupur says:

    Rasam with tofu is definitely an innovation but it looks so tasty! So glad you enjoyed the food.

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