Food, swapped

I couldn’t help but be excited last week when Nupur over at One Hot Stove responded to my “too many veggies” post with an offer to trade her homemade Indian food for our produce.  Um, yes!

We met up on Monday and swapped food, but even better, Gabriel and I had a nice visit with Nupur and her little Lila.

That evening, Matthew and I thoroughly enjoyed the idlis, lentil sambar, and beet salad.  Given his usual adventurous tastes, I was surprised that Gabriel was not into the sambar (and he was suspicious of the idlis because the initial bites I offered him were dipped in the sambar), but he did enjoy the flavorful beets, and his lack of interest in the sambar meant more for us.

The swap also prompted me to pull out my South Indian cookbook and browse for new recipe ideas.  I made a Tomato Vegetable Rasam last night, which I served with more of the idlis.  Nupur also suggested this use for leftover idlis, which I plan to try tomorrow.

Here’s to good food and new friends!


  1. Nupur says:

    It was SO much fun swapping with you and I am blown away at your generosity. I’ll bring some egg biryani (rice) tomorrow, as well as more tomato rasam (LOL), a curry leaf sapling and a couple of vegetable dishes.

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