When baby’s away, Mama plays

I’m back to work this week, but off today, thanks to some guy who “discovered America.”  Or not.  Anyhow, I won’t really argue with a holiday, dubious origins or no.

Since my MIL will usually watch The Dude on Mondays, we went ahead with a test drive of that plan, so I am free 🙂  (And a little tear, a real tear.)  My to-do list included picking up a fifty pound bag of whole wheat pastry flour from Local Harvest — not exactly something I could toss in the milk crate on the back of my bike.  I was resigned to driving the car for the 1-mile trip when I remembered . . . the new bike trailer!

The trailer has been sitting in the basement since we bought it a few weeks ago, completely dissembled, as that was the only we managed to cram it (barely) into our car.  I pulled it out of the corner and got it all ready to go, everything locked into place, wheels on, air in the tires, flag ready to fly . . . and then I tried to carry it up the basement stairs, only to discover that I had to remove the wheels and trailer-pull piece for it to fit.  Oh, for the love of a garage . . . .

Finally ready to roll

Oh, wait.  What’s that in the background?  Could it be . . . a garage?  Why, yes, but only classic car owners willing to pay big bucks to park their toys there need apply, who cares if the apartment tenants would put it to good use on a daily basis.

After all the hassle of getting the trailer ready to go, I was feeling a bit negative, thinking the trailer was a big mistake and a waste of money, but that disappeared once I hit the open road.  I found biking with the trailer surprisingly easy, even fully loaded.

Someone call the cops; my bag of flour is NOT wearing a helmet!

Given the hassle of getting the thing in and out of the basement, and the dubiousness of biking with a 3-month-old, I don’t think the trailer will be getting much use until spring (older baby and a new apartment with garage space, we hope), but I enjoyed taking it out for a little test drive on this beautiful fall day.