Better than Cash for Clunkers

I just read about Canada’s cool Retire Your Ride program that allows people to trade in their old, higher polluting car for a newer, somewhat less polluting car.  Hold up, wrong program!  Wrong country!

Actually, Canada’s program is much cooler than that — it helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road and encourage alternate means of transportation by providing vouchers for bicycles or public transportation.  Neat idea, eh?

Click on the link above to find out more about the program — you can even view the presentation in French, if that’s your thing.

This kind of makes me wish I were Canadian — depending on how today goes, maybe we’ll move there.


Car, ugh

The power windows on my bicycle never give me any trouble 😉  The ones on the car are another story.  On Wednesday afternoon, the left front window displayed a new trick it learned — the trick where it does not go up.  Well, eventually it went up; with a lot of coaxing and long rest breaks, it went up a little bit at a time, until, finally, closed!  I immediately pushed the window lock button to prevent an accidental lowering.

Based on my highly technical over-the-phone description, my front and rear (yes, that one is misbehaving, too) left-side window motors need to be replaced, to the tune of perhaps $400.  So that’s how I get to spend what would be a car-free Friday.  Sigh.  This contributes yet more fodder to the “I want to be in a job where I can bike commute again” fire.