Looks like spam, smells like spam

But?  Not spam!  That’s a real email subject line, folks.  It’s in the running for my “best non-spam subject line ever” award.  And who wouldn’t want to have a “Party in My Pants” shipped to them?

For brevity, I will refer to Party In My Pants by their acronym for the rest of this post.

Without  further ado, I present my PIMPs.

Fortunately, the acronym is also amusing.

I read a PIMP post over at Healthy, Green & Frugal several weeks ago.  Strangely, though I’m going to use cloth diapers for my babies (cloth diapers have come a LONG way since they graced my bum), I’d never given any thought to reusable liners and pads.  Rebecca’s post provided that little nudge.

I can’t comment on the efficacy of my PIMPs yet, but I received excellent customer service from the PIMP ladies 😉


  1. Rebecca says:

    So glad my post nudged you to try this product. Hope you like it. More importantly, I hope it helps you reduce waste and save money!

    Were you able to use the discount code I mentioned in my post?

    Also, did you order these from the “surprise party” section? Were you satisfied with what you got? The patterns are super cute!

    Isn’t that funny how everyone knows about cloth diapers, but so few think about cloth panty liners? It seems obvious now, but I never really thought it about before a few months ago. The best part is that they are SO comfy!!

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      I was able to use the discount code, although I received some kind of error message when I originally tried it. I called and talked to Luci or Lydia (not sure which one), and she corrected the problem. Thanks for mentioning it! There wasn’t much in the “surprise party” section when I ordered, but I’ll keep an eye on it if/when I want to order more.

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