2011 Year End Review — The Second Half

And now, for the rest of the story . . . .

Parting shot
I plan to eventually post the entire birth story here (or at least an abridged version, as it was quite the saga), but for now, you’ll have to accept bits and pieces, in no particular order.  The end is a decent place to start.

Under the knife
Two weeks ago today I underwent major surgery . . . for a tummy tuck and a boob job.  Okay, not exactly, but it kind of looks like it.   Here’s what really happened . . . .

Bicycle dreams
I continued processing the idea, and a few moments later, reality cut through the sleep-deprivation and Percocet-induced haze, and I thought to myself, “Self, you just had major abdominal surgery three days ago, I don’t really think you’ll be riding your bicycle anytime soon.”

A slow return to active transportation
Thursday, at six-and-a-half weeks post-op, I rode my bike for the first time since the surgery.  Those weeks of limited mobility gave me time to think about the limits of active transportation.

Psst, psst: The EC update
Reading about Elimination Communication (EC) midway through pregnancy activated my green radar — baby peeing and pooping in the toilet (or in a little potty or other receptacle) equals less dirty diapers to wash.  Less washing means less water and energy used — what wasn’t to love.  I read Diaper Free Baby by Christine Gross-Loh, and it all seemed pretty straight forward.  And then I had a baby . . . .

When baby’s away, Mama plays
My to-do list included picking up a fifty pound bag of whole wheat pastry flour from Local Harvest — not exactly something I could toss in the milk crate on the back of my bike.  I was resigned to driving the car for the 1-mile trip when I remembered . . . the new bike trailer!

Blue green mama
Yet, when my blues set in 2-3 weeks postpartum, my initial reaction was denial . . . . Gabriel’s smiles finally snapped me out of my denial.  He started smiling around nine weeks, this adorable little grin, yet I found myself so emotionally drained that I often couldn’t return those smiles, and that made me feel even worse.

Two’s company
My rationale going in was, sure, we’re adding an additional person, but a very small person, and we’re committed to minimizing stuff for that person, so it will be no big deal, right?  Not exactly.

To resist the spirit of consumerism and materialism


All I want for Christmas
Would that be the two bottom teeth?  Or the two top teeth?  Either way, The Dude has it covered now.

Happy New Year!

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