Shoulda biked . . . and then we did

A couple weeks ago, with Gabriel at his Baba’s for an overnight, we headed to the Botanical Garden for an impromptu date night.

We debated biking, but it was hot, and our new place is significantly farther from the gardens.  Not unbikeable by any means, but enough to make the car somewhat attractive, especially when time is at a premium.

We failed to factor the crowd and parking into our transportation decision.  We had to park in one of the overflow lots and walk.  I didn’t mind the walk, but it did add to the trip time, probably making the bike a more competitive option, as we would have had premium, up-front parking.

We enjoyed the show by night and looked forward to bringing Gabriel back to see the brightly colored art work by day.  With the show winding down (it ends this weekend), and some cooler weather, we managed a quick visit this week, biking not optional.

Over the weekend, we worked up to some fairly long rides, and I’m still loving the front seat.

For our trip to the Botanical Garden, I used bungee cords to secure the umbrella stroller to the milk crate on the back of my bike.  Wheels for getting to the garden and wheels for getting around in the garden — it worked quite well.


  1. Kim says:

    Very ingenious Mama!!! Love the pix!!!

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