Bike messenger ring bearer

Gabriel visited Lafayette Park for the first time on Sunday morning.  We brought his bike along, and he cruised around as we showed him the pond, which was one of our favorite areas when we were first dating.

We were lucky enough to see this mama with her eight(!) little ones in tow.


Sir rocked cycle chic with his blue dress shirt and sharp white shoes, and that, combined with a group setting up for an outdoor wedding in the park, sparked a great idea — a bike messenger ring bearer!


Obviously, it’s too late for our wedding, but if you have need of his services, let me know.

We enjoyed the park time (despite a few sprinkles) before continuing on our way to sample some pastries at a Czech church (verdict: good, but we make better) before checking out a couple of homes on the Sustainable Back Yard Tour (and by a couple, I do literally mean two yards, which is all we had time to squeeze in before returning for lunch and nap time).  Sir was excited that both yards featured urban chickens.

Meanwhile, at the beach . . .

While I had a great time visiting my friends in DC, I couldn’t help but miss my boys.  Fortunately, they were having fun of their own down in Florida.


Exploring the aviation museum in dinosaur pajamas.  No big deal.


Welcome aboard!


Sir loved the beach from the word “Go!”


It took him a bit longer to warm to the water . . . .


. . . but once he did there was no stopping him!




Beach boy!

I’m sure he was sad to see the trip end, but there’s no place like home . . .


. . . and a mother-child reunion!

Are we there yet?

Sir chilling in the back seat with a fig tree they picked up on the the way to Florida.  Because a fig tree is a completely normal souvenir.


According to my sources, he was a great traveler, despite a bit of trouble keeping his hands off of Mr. Fig.

He also discovered that making the “t” sound (for “tinkle” or “toilet,” something we’ve been working on for a couple of weeks now to help him verbalize his need to use the potty) resulted in the car stopping and getting to stretch his legs, leading to some crying wolf on his part.

All that time in the car paid off . . . .


I’m SO ready to hit the beach!

From afar, Mama says, “Dude, where’s your sunhat?”


Finally, I would like to note that President Obama issued a statement that this Memorial Day be a day of “prayer for permanent peace.”

Above all, we can honor those we have lost by living up to the ideals they died defending. It is our charge to preserve liberty, to advance justice, and to sow the seeds of peace. With courage and devotion worthy of the heroes we remember today, let us rededicate ourselves to those unending tasks . . . . Let us pray the souls of those who died in war rest in eternal peace, and let us keep them and their families close in our hearts, now and forever.

I would like to add that we should also remember and hold close the innocent victims of war and injustice the world over, and support policies that seek to end the oppression and unjust systems that lead to unrest and war.  We are not there yet, but maybe one day, we will be.

Bike to Work Day

The last Bike to Work Day when I actually biked to work was probably May 2009, which predates this blog.  The past three years, I worked a Monday through Thursday job, and the official “day” is always a Friday.  It would have been a moot point anyway, since I traded my bike commute (when almost everyday was bike to work day) for a car commute when I took that job.

Anyhow, despite the lack of a job to bike to, I did enjoy the opportunity for a nice morning bike ride to a refueling station at least one of those years.  Tomorrow morning’s plans don’t include being out and about early enough to visit one of the stops, but we’ll be on our bike later in the day.


Going to the playground is a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Where are you riding today?  Or where have you ridden this week?

Gogogo, Mamama!

One of my favorite parts of biking with Gabriel in the IBert front seat is having him right there in between my arms, making for easy, constant interaction as we travel, both pointing out interesting sights to one another.

For the past ten months (since we first started using the seat), I’ve been chanting, “Go, Mama, go!” as we ride uphill, in an attempt to get him to pick up the chant and provide some motivation when my energy is flagging.  Little did I know that I would have a late talker on my hands.

The months passed, and aside from increased babble, we had nothing.  Around the nineteen-month mark, he said, “Gogogo!” while sledding, one of his first words.  I had to wait a couple more months for “Mama,” but my name is now a consistent part of his very small vocabulary.

Today as we biked to church, I helped him put the two words together, and, with a bit of prompting, he developed his own version of “Go, Mama, go!”

“Gogogo . . . Mamamama!” often followed by ringing the bike bell.  He can’t help pedal yet, but he might make a pretty decent cheerleader!

Oh, and another cool part of the ride — we spotted another cycling family.  A mom and her two girls, one daughter on a trail-a-bike and the other on her own bike, riding on Tower Grove Avenue, using lane positioning that indicated they were savvy cyclists.

While the number of families that use bicycles for transportation in St. Louis is growing, at this point it’s still a rare enough sight to be cause for excitement.  We exchanged waves and bell rings as we continued on our way.